What causes 1911 stovepipe

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Causes of Stovepipes?

This is normally caused by underpowered ammunition, a very dirty chamber or a damaged case ejector. The last few Springfields I have seen had slide to frame fits that were very tight.

what causes 1911 stovepipe

Bookmark in Technorati. Polishing the barrel shroud, chamber and ramp wouldn't hurt either.

what causes 1911 stovepipe

Thanks for the replies. When at the range during live fire, simply pick up a spent casing and practice what was shown in the video. May 28th, 2007, 03: As pistols are widely owned for self-defense purposes, you should drill to react quickly to malfunctions.

what causes 1911 stovepipe

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What is a “Stovepipe” Malfunction is & How to Clear It

Stovepipes can be caused by a number of issues — such as a bad magazine, poor ammo, dirty gun, or a bad recoil spring. What's your recoil spring weight? That ain't a stovepipe. The only way to clear a double feed is to hit the magazine release, strip the magazine from the pistol and then cycle several times to clear both of those rounds.

what causes 1911 stovepipe

This simply requires the aforementioned clearing procedures. Find all posts by ridgerunner665.

what causes 1911 stovepipe

Since your pistol is new it may need more breakin rounds. Your magazines are playing a role since it is always the last round.

There's all sorts of reasons for stove piping from common to odd-ball.