What attracts mice in the house

What is an Immediate Burial?

4 Things That Attract Mice

Warnings Use caution when employing poisonous bait boxes or mothballs to get rid of mice. With just a few minor adjustments, you can make it much harder for rodents to get in and make themselves at home.

Holes — These are often made in exterior walls for cables and pipes; check that old pipe holes are sealed too. Let a cat spend time on your property. That is why spaces like a dimly lit attic or basement are so popular.

what attracts mice in the house

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The 4 Reasons You May Have Rat and Mice Problems

Vents — Cover these with fine galvanized wire mesh, especially if they are damaged. And while they tend to keep out of sight and require very little food to sustain themselves, they are far from the low-maintenance guests they appear to be, creating serious damage to building interiors, chewing through electrical wires, contaminating food, and spreading disease.

what attracts mice in the house

It allows them access to leftovers and food located high on kitchen counter surfaces. Think twice about using these if you have children or pets who may be attracted to them.

what attracts mice in the house

If at all possible, you want to avoid having mice die between the walls of your home. Turn that home into an impenetrable fortress. Mice typically enter home through cracks and openings in walls, or under doors. Keep extra food locked in plastic or glass containers.

what attracts mice in the house

Ventura Pest Control offers pest control services to free your home of unwanted mice. Remember that screen door you never got around to fixing or that office window that was never properly patched up?

what attracts mice in the house

Mice do not magically appear inside your home — although sometimes seems like it is the case. Click here to share your story.