Wachowski explain matrix revolution

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If humans keep fighting then they can never win, because the Architect has already told us that there are levels of survival that the machines are prepared to accept without humanity around.

The Matrix, and the rest of the Machine world, are derived from the Source as well. Neo can see Smith, the program, in Bane as a fiery form in spite of his blindness. The machines quickly gain the upper hand by using the kind of biological and chemical warfare that humans have long since forbidden, and to which the machines are obviously immune.

wachowski explain matrix revolution

Meanwhile, his treachery in the real world has left Zion missing a number of ships ahead of the massive Sentinel assault headed their way. The theory was that the Real World was not actually real, but rather another level of the Matrix simulation: Roland, the Mjolnir ' s captain, refuses him, but Niobe - who was told by the Oracle that she would have to make a choice to help Neo or not - lets him take the Logos.

Matrix in a Matrix theory

As for Smith's existence outside the Matrix, it can be explained simply by suggesting that he erased Bane's brain and replaced his personality through his headjack. Game of Thrones Tag: Back in the physical world, Neo's body spasms as a surge of energy enters his body from the Matrix connection.

wachowski explain matrix revolution

The Matrix. The dock is invaded by a massive horde of Sentinels, as well as two giant drilling machines, igniting The Battle of Zion. When Neo tries to board the train with the family, the Trainman refuses, and knocks him away from the train. Fans were divided into sides, others arguing that Zion and the Real World were not real but digital; others argued that the theory was unnecessarily complex.

wachowski explain matrix revolution

At this station, Neo meets a 'family' of programs, who tell him that Mobil Avenue is controlled by a program called The Trainman who, in turn, is an exile loyal only to The Merovingian. The compromise that saves some robots from the mass destruction which follows is that they establish to their own machine nation, called 01. Lana Wachowski knows why.

wachowski explain matrix revolution

Endgame Tag: The films were received in high praise of its conceptual complexity by some scholars and philosophers, as seen in the video The Roots of the Matrix. Meanwhile, Zion is preparing for the oncoming war with the machines with very little chances of survival.