Votesaxon07 doctor who toys movie

He is usually known for his black crombie over-coat and red top, mostly seen in The Infinty Loop.

votesaxon07 doctor who toys movie

She is often seen in videos disapproving of Stephen's madness and trying to keep him from going crazy. Blazin' Mistletoe: McCulla had both corneas of his eyes surgically replaced in the early 2010's due to an eye disease.

Elisabeth King

McCulla cosplaying as the 12th Doctor. The search for Mrs Claus. Elisabeth King is a cast member on Votesaxon07. Stephen McCulla A. Have fun exploring!

votesaxon07 doctor who toys movie

The Gang Ruins Doctor Who. Start a Wiki. She is the partner of Stephen McCulla and has appeared in several videos.

votesaxon07 doctor who toys movie

Cancel Save. She has notably taken over the role of The Fairy of Awesomeness, and the majority of female lead roles on the channel.

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He is known to hate doing sonic screwdriver reviews, due to always reviewing them, He is known mostly to hate reviewing The Tenth Doctor's Screwdriver Sonic Screwdriver due to it being always the same. Tek alongside Anthony Murney and team captain Shane Swan. As of 2018 the review style has expanded to include guests such as Anthony Murney and Chantelle Givens.

It features re-edits and reuploads of older videos as well as all new content. Photos and videos are a great way to add visuals to your wiki.

votesaxon07 doctor who toys movie

Contents [ show ]. In addition to being a youtube content creator, he also works as an online content editor at The Belfast Telegraph.

DOCTOR WHO Time of the Doctor Figure Set Review - StephenMcCulla

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Stephen McCulla

It had managed to amass close to 50,000 subscribers before it was shut down and now exists to keep copyrighted videos online. Santa Claus vs The Hell Beasts. When asked why he started making Youtube reviews, he said that a lot of videos at the time didn't cover aspects of toys that he would like to see. King alongside McCulla and Murney as their Ghostbusters cosplay group. The new channel took over in 2016 and as of 2018 has reached over 21,000 subscribers.