Viggle account how many per household

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Please review these Terms periodically for changes. Other than the third party processing fees that may be applicable to redeeming certain Rewards or otherwise disclosed to you, there are no fees to enroll or participate in the Program, though we reserve the right to charge fees in the future for use of the Viggle service.

Loyalty Terms & Conditions

You have the right to see a copy of the information we hold about you, and to make any corrections. Merchandise rewards may not be exchanged or refunded once a merchant has delivered the reward, unless it is defective or has been damaged in transit. Want other uses for your Perk phones?

If you want to bypass the Viggle Support Forums and simply the best advice for maximizing Viggle points, read on...

viggle account how many per household

For example, we may do a beta test of the service that is only accessible to a certain number of individuals. Home-Based Businesses. I buy the lowest priced gift cards the minute I get 10,000pts.

viggle account how many per household

You may not sell, purchase or transfer points or your Viggle account. My thoughts? Points obtained or accumulated are and will at all times remain our property. Masquer See profile. When I started, after my husband, before I started making points on my account we sent in IDs. I'm always in fear that one day the company will spontaneously combust and then those saving up points will be screwed.

viggle account how many per household