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When questioned on the origins of What We Left Behind , Veara stated that the album was about moving on, leaving the naysayers in the dust, and escaping small-town narrow-mindedness. Veara - "Next Stop... Yeah, it can be a bit saccharine. Sign Up for Our Mailing List. Bio Photo News.

Veara – What We Left Behind

Bouncy choruses, ripping riffs and terrorizing drums rule on What We Left Behind. Out Now. So there's something about a good. Head For The Hills. SowingSeason Moderator May 20th 2010 29602 Comments.

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I really appreciate it Season, and I'd love to see a review of that Grover album if you're ever up to it rom. Veara What We Left Behind 3. I kind of let my reviews come as they hit me and nothing's hit me for quite a while, but I am trying to do one of my favorite albums for my anniversary.

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