Parrys corner wholesale clothing

Most shops open by 11 am and close by 8 pm. Has iron and steel, rods, pipes and sheets.

10 Famous Streets To Visit In The Parry’s Corner Shopping Market In Chennai

Top Treding cloth products around godown street chennai. Ethirajulu Naidu were one of the pioneers who set up the first store for household vessels in ever silver in Chennai. In this function the expectant mother is adorned with glass bangles. Cottons, polyester and a variety of synthetic materials are available. Sarees and Ladies We.

This street is for foot wear, shoes , stylish party wear and sandals. Add comment. The products are sk. Different kinds of weighing scales such as crane weighing, electronic platform and digital, jewel weighing and high precision lab scales to name a few.

parrys corner wholesale clothing

All kinds of spices are also available in these shops such as cinnamon, kari patta, saunf, kala jeera and many more. Pongal Festival Celebrations 2019.

parrys corner wholesale clothing

Designer Salwar Suits. Printing paper, paper boards, diaries, notebooks, book binders and files are all sold here. Broadway is also popular for purchasing weighing machines and fire fighting equipment.

The roads are in fact deserted after 8 pm.

parrys corner wholesale clothing

Currimbhoys, a shop started by Karim Bhai, four generations ago, initially sold kerosene and paraffin lamps. Pink and Yellow Silk Cotton Saree.

parrys corner wholesale clothing

Top 10 Handicraft Shops in Chennai 2,933 views. Please enter an answer in digits: Many shops have included artificial jewelry, beads, fancy buttons and toys to their product list. So if you want to try something new and refreshing then start searching for it into the go-down street where you catch all clothing from modern to traditional.

Go India shopping with us. Also available are insulation materials, packaging and cushioning and padding materials. There are more than 400 shops in this street.

Clothing & Accessories Shops in Parrys, Chennai

Multiple Quote And Closed. The Anderson Church is the oldest and most prominent church in the region. Large sized tiffin carriers, where food for 25 members can be packed, are also available.

parrys corner wholesale clothing