Micro sociology focuses on how we learned

See Ritzer p.

The task of the sociologist is to attempt to see how people interpret and attribute meaning to the situation. As group size increases even more, "the increase in the size of the group or society increases individual freedom" Ritzer, p. Outside of the corporate world, sociology is often applied in governmental and international agencies such as the World Bank or United Nations. Physical things or stimulae exist in the environment, prior to action, and people encounter these.

In doing this, the child learns the organized attitudes of the whole community, and is able to act in common with others. In either case though, some self-interaction does take place, in that each action is unique and is a result of the individual using the information from previous experiences and what the individual understands about the environment and situation, in order to act appropriately in the future.

Sociologists can be found working in a wide range of fields, including organizational planning, development, and training; human resource management; industrial relations; marketing; public relations; organizational research; and international business. How are norms and deviance established and handled by societies? Some scholars use world systems theory.

Park looked on "the city as a giant social experiment, consisting of different worlds, neighbourhoods, and groups which are connected to each other and in conflict with each other" Knapp, p. Turner, H. Simmel noted that the number of individuals in a group in which social action takes place affects the form of group interaction. He emphasized communities and changes in these, how individuals were shaped by and integrated into these communities, and how people and groups formed communities.

Sociological study may be conducted at both macro large-scale social processes and micro small group, face-to-face interactions levels.

Macro and Microsociology

For Mead, what distinguishes humans from non-human animals is that humans have the ability to delay their reactions to a stimulus. In all of this, social interaction is of the essence — what others think, what one thinks that others think, and how one conceives of fashion. The growth of the city, the increasing number of people in the city, and the "brevity and scarcity of the inter-human contacts granted to the metropolitan man, as compared to the social intercourse of the small town" Farganis, p.

Major Sociological Paradigms: Crash Course Sociology #2

Note that the classical sociologists have a similar conception of society to that of Mead, but they do not have a theory of the self, and they do not emphasize interaction. These two studies, while very different in their specific points of focus, have in common their mesolevel focus. For Mead, significant symbols are those "which will call out in another that which it calls out in the thinker" Mead in Farganis, p. Learning Objectives Analyze how symbolic interactionism plays a role in both macro and micro sociology.