Laptop overheats when charging iphone

Excessive heat can damage your computer's performance and lifespan.

laptop overheats when charging iphone

DIY Security. Or, if your phone is syncing through iTunes, it is just as straightforward. The first thing we would do if our phone produced any message indicating overheating, is to switch it off! Observe what happens after the charging activity is stopped. Ramos 99 1.

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laptop overheats when charging iphone

Is it something which can simply be deleted? Sergey Nivens via Shutterstock.


It depends on what you need to do. Let the iPhone cool gradually.

laptop overheats when charging iphone

Remove the case and leave it like that until the phone cools down. My iphone 4 started getting hot and would not hold a charge after I made an update. I thought it might do this because my iPhone is cracked and I've thought about getting the screen fixed but I'm not sure if that's the reason why it's hot.

How To Fix iPhone Overheating and Getting Hot Issue

Why do batteries go "flat"? Related 1. So does the iPhone case. These features will keep searching for WiFi or Bluetooth device around. The drop in heat is just a consequence of these power saving measures; obviously, if your laptop was as hot on batteries as when on mains power, much of your battery power would be just being turned into heat. Certainly, you should try to keep it away from direct sunlight.

What to do when your laptop is overheating when charging

Having looked above at the fundamentals, made sure the basics are right, let us look at some other internal and external problems and possible solutions to them. It allows you to share the Internet from your iPhone Cellular Data with other devices.

laptop overheats when charging iphone

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