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The Bob Moses story is pretty crazy. Follow him - JohnxHill. Get the best of Noisey, delivered to your inbox every day. It's 50 percent brain and 50 percent heart and feeling. So your music has a lot of influences and different moving parts to it.

Bob Moses Talk Weird Samples, Plans For New York, Albums & More [Interview]

By Carla Torres October 21, 2016 People. If you get it, it would cost a lot of money on a menu. You are born with a set of vocal chords and that is what you have to work with.

Maybe make the L train work better. Dance music is about the live aspect of it. But Jimmy Vallance and Tom Howie—who hail from Vancouver and now live in Brooklyn—make every emotional beat clear and precise. What is something that each of you can tell me about the other that a lot of people will find surprising? The iPhone recording voice memo is really good for recording little things. It always starts as melody and harmony, so whatever the chord progression is.

We are still in the process of our identity so we want to set ourselves for a bit of a range. You can create a better picture of the whole thing.

Bob Moses on Their Inspirations & How They Created 'Days Gone By'

So we walked through there, and bumped into each other. The two had known each other back in Vancouver as kids, but each went off to do their own thing after high school. I do a vocal warm up that kind of makes me look like a gymnast slash retard.

And we thought that is either a 90s hit or a really great song idea - either way, record it. He left after a year and moved to Brooklyn where the lucky meeting happened near studio space they were both working out of. If you're unfamiliar with Bob Moses , you won't be any longer.