Howling moon rooftop tent reviews

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Hey mate. We love our Howling Moon and proud to have it as our home above our Patrol as we explore Australia.

howling moon rooftop tent reviews

Have travelled part of Tassie with it, have done parts of S. The tents seem ok.

Front runner roof top tent and Tuff stuff

Other than that, no complaints! Lunar Roof Top Tent. The Tent: Last one out of the tent will make the bed, pull back the side mattress cushions, so as not to hinder the folding action of the corner elbows, place the pillows lengthwise down the centre of the bed, release the corner elbows and unzip the top of each end and side panel, this allows air to escape when the tent comes down.


Then again, they don't camp much.. It's cheap, quality is marginal stitching is giving away in places etc but it does the job. Many hundreds of kilometres over very corrugated tracks and roads did not have any effect on the tent.

howling moon rooftop tent reviews

With the aerodynamic shape of the tent including the mounted solar panel there was no indication that we even had a tent on top, even with very strong cross winds. Think this tent will last many, many years will update with more info and pics on arrival and mounting. We found the annexe too much of a pita to set up for touring, so only used it 3 times at the start of the trip and then didn't bother with it at all.

Having 2 tents will give me more usable tent space, but will need a larger and stronger frame along with setting up will obviously take twice as long.

Dont want to go down the traditional path of camper trailer type tents due to size, setup times and bedding equipment etc.

Replacing the straps was a simple, no argument affair. When you go to sell the ARB one it is almost certainly to buy a camper or van, not another RRT - not because you've learnt to hate the RRT but because you've had it so long you are now old enough to want the simplicity of a permanent roof.

howling moon rooftop tent reviews

I've looked at my shadow while driving and cannot see the need for the straps with no "billowing" evident. If one wants, it can be quickly removed and erected on the ground where it rests on skids so you are not sleeping on the hard ground as in a tent! Board index Tips and Techniques Camping Search. If you buy a RRT that costs half an ARB one and are happy to replace it twice as often, what do you do with the one that has the stitching falling apart and is no longer water-proof?

Crossing over 300 sand dunes Googs track: So, for anybody who might be interested the tent is mounted on 3 heavy duty Rhino Rack bars on top of a Toyota Landcruiser 105 wagon.