How to zoom acer projector parts

how to zoom acer projector parts

Enables or disables signal searching of input connectors. As a result, unused space appears along the top and bottom edges of the screen. Turns the internal speaker On or Off.

Adjusting this setting can affect touch function. You can refer to this number when using the network remote management feature see Remotely managing your interactive projector.

how to zoom acer projector parts

The default is 20. Capture User Startup Screen closes the on-screen display menu and captures the entire projected image.


Zooming in cuts off the outer edges of the source video. Adjusts projector brightness and color temperature based on these wall colors: The default is Bright Classroom. See Resetting the lamp hours for details on how to reset the lamp hours.

Display Checkerboard 2 displays a Check2 test screen. Adjusts the difference between the lightest and darkest parts of the image from 0 to 100. The default is On -20 dB.

The default is 10. Each color has a default value of 100. Network menu. Adjusts the zoom to the center of the image in or out from 0 to 30.

The timer begins to count down when the projector no longer receives a video signal.

Adjusting projector settings

If there is no current video input source signal, this setting displays the last known source signal resolution and refresh rate. Adjusts projector brightness from 0 to 100. Color settings are saved to the User display mode. This setting applies to VGA inputs only and is useful in situations where the source video is cut off.

how to zoom acer projector parts

The default is 50. Operational Settings menu. Enables or disables the microphone input jack when using the HDMI input. E-mails the network password to the e-mail recipient.

Economy increases the lamp life by decreasing the brightness of the image. The default is Match Input. Turns the audio output jack On or Off.