How to use matching and mirroring

The most important thing to remember is to wait a minute or two before you alter your own position or voice, to avoid playing a game of mimicry.

how to use matching and mirroring

If he scratches his chin, you might touch your jaw. Send Prospectus.

how to use matching and mirroring

The idea is that people feel most comfortable around those who are like them — they feel that their point of view is understood. Post to Cancel. Mirroring Body Language: The Root The Grapevine.

how to use matching and mirroring

Receive Course Prospectus A course prospectus will be sent to you shortly. Thus by matching and mirroring the physiology and tonality of the person we are communicating with we can make ourselves most like them, and thus generate rapport, without their becoming consciously aware of the process.

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how to use matching and mirroring

Humans have 53 facial muscles which contribute in varying degrees to a myriad nuances of facial expression that we are capable of. Reblogged this on Success Coach Institute Blog. A moment later, I scratched my head and he suddenly did exactly the same thing.

Matching And Mirroring

Are their feet together or apart? It could be an eyebrow flash quick raise of the eyebrows or some type of hand gesture like politicians often use. As I mentioned above, trying to matching and mirror on a conscious level can come across very clunky and reduce the levels of rapport that you can create. Are their hands in their pockets or holding an object? Yes sets build connections.

Mirroring Body Language: 4 Steps To Successfully Mirror Others

As he spoke, I prompted him on by nodding in pace with his plea and when he came to his conclusion, I mimicked his double-handed gesture as he made it himself. Let's Start. Throughout all of this, a lot of mirroring is likely happening naturally on its own, but here are some mirroring techniques you can now use to build and amplify their connection to you.

how to use matching and mirroring

Photo by Brian Johnson. We automatically mirror and match people with whom we feel comfortable. Your key to building rapport and a strong connection is to first feel that connection yourself.