How to use c1 comp schedule

C1 Side Chain Filter.

how to use c1 comp schedule

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Archives December 2013 November 2013. The 'sc' refers to the fact that these versions have extra control over the internal side-chain signal in the form of filters. C1 Expander with absolute floor.

how to use c1 comp schedule

Here is an example, using another comp: Sometimes you want sounds to blend and run together, but often you want separate things to sound separate. The Waves CI sc versions do not have this feature. Sometimes a little bit goes a long way. Be careful, it can be easy to overdo sidechain compression at first.

How To Use Sidechain Compression To Make Kicks Cut Through The Mix

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how to use c1 comp schedule

Remember Me? It is in the ratio relationship above the knee that things start to get interesting…. So, as you can see, the Waves C1 compressor has a lot of hidden functions and can prove to be a very powerful too in your dynamics arsenal.

Getting to Know the Waves C1 Compressor/Expander/Gate

Sidechain Compression Is The Solution The idea behind sidechain compression is that you briefly lower the volume of your bass part whenever the kick drum comes in.

Send a private message to Lunar Ladder. The 'sc' versions are 2 in 2 out, and 1 in 1 out respectively. The knee, ratio and threshold The C1 has a soft knee which is not user definable , which stays consistent throughout the different range of ratios.

how to use c1 comp schedule