How to unlock bootloader without computer

Free download the KingoRoot to the PC.

how to unlock bootloader without computer

Thread Deleted Email Thread. If you haven't interrupted the connection and your phone still in the fastboot mode If your device isn't in the fastboot, then repeat the step 2 or just hold the "Volume Down" and "Power" button for 10 seconds before releasing in order to make the device being in the fastboot mode.

How to Unlock Bootloader of Android Device With KingoRoot

Terms of Service. So it is important to backup any photos, videos, app data or other files on your device to a computer, a SD card or the online cloud. Sony Xperia 1, 10, and 10 Plus hands-on: Release them, and you should be in fastboot mode. Toggle navigation. Backup important data The unlocking process will sweep of all the data of Android. Nexus phones are all allowed to be unlocked, and many phones from Motorolar and HTC as well as some other phones allow users to unlock through a similar process.

how to unlock bootloader without computer

Reboot your device by running command fastboot reboot or using the "Volume" buttons to reboot. Scroll down to the bottom of the "About phone" and locate the "Build Number" field.

Here comes to perform the unlocking process. Latest News.

How to unlock Bootloader of any android device without PC [Need Root]

It packages the instructions to boot operating system kernal and most of them are specifically designed to run their own debugging or modification environment. Everything announced so far by Team AA February 25, 2019 26 comments. Achraf BouSaid.

how to unlock bootloader without computer

I highly doubt it, maybe if you were already rooted possibly but i'm just guessing here... KingoRoot Android on Windows has the highest success rate. Will even buy a few beers if someone can help me fix this. How to unlock bootloader? With this in consideration, you can customize everything in your Android. Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait.