How to speed up gifs tumblr

Photo Credits. Write an optional caption, add some tags and then hit 'Post' to send it live to your blog for all your followers to see.

How to Make GIFs for Tumblr

And that's it! Before you start, you need to have the most recent version of the Tumblr mobile app installed on your iOS or Android device. Having a large number of extensions installed can slow down Tumblr quickly, as it will try to load all of them every time you refresh your page. Pin It on Pinterest.

how to speed up gifs tumblr

The secret to getting a bunch of frames in a single GIF and keeping it under two megabytes is masking out any portion of the image that can stay still. Click here for an advanced guide on GIF sharpening and layer renaming automation.

How to Make Tumblr Faster

If you want to do more fun things with GIFs, don't forget to check out some of these articles:. Updated April 21, 2017.

how to speed up gifs tumblr

The label means that it's eligible to be turned into a GIF. GIFs are one of the most popular types of media shared on Tumblr, their movement and tendency to be funny or beautiful make them very likely to be reblogged. As you scroll down through your photos and videos , you should notice that some will have a 'GIF' label in the top right corner. Share Pin Email. On the desktop web, anytime you reblog a post you can click on a small plus sign button that appears to the left of the caption area, which pulls up some formatting options.

To do this, click on the first frame in timeline then hold shift and click on the last frame. Before you go any further, you will want to decide on a layout for your GIF images.

how to speed up gifs tumblr

If your GIF is 500px wide, it will easily be larger than two megabytes. You can make it a bit faster or slower if needed. Select the first layer in the Layers column.

how to speed up gifs tumblr

The best posts can go viral in a matter of hours. This will save users a lot of time and hassle from resorting to using third-party tools and then have to upload them to Tumblr. Select the action, then click OK. You may need to give Tumblr permission to access your photos and videos if this is your first time using this post type through the mobile app.

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how to speed up gifs tumblr

Confirm this to be the new file extension. Sharpen the GIF Use a sharpening action to automatically sharpen all of the layers. Tumblr has a great audience and is a wonderful place to share your bird photography or animated GIFs.