How to sleeve computer cables

how to sleeve computer cables

The result should look something like this. Something that no amount of cable ties can fix. Cut sleeving to length. What our customers say This sample pack was exacly what I needed. Yes, you are going to get burned, but what is modding without a bit of pain. If not, undo the wire connection and re-twist it to make it shorter. Related Tags case case mod modding mod tools toolbox cable cable sleeving sleeving SilverStone power supply fan cooling fan.

How to Sleeve Computer Cables.

How do you custom sleeve cables?

I use either this old scraggy tape measure or a metal, one-metre ruler depending on what I am doing. By Diy Tech Follow. Mar 26, 2018. Now simply slide each heat shrinks that you put on in step 6 to the extreme sides.

Next Page. Use your other hand to push the sleeving together. See comments.

how to sleeve computer cables

Hold the end of the sleeving, then pull on the other end to expand the sleeving as much as possible. More importantly, the sleeving could melt too much, causing bumps to form on the sleeving edge. You can go as cheap and nasty as you want with these; they do the job fine. Cut heat-shrink tubing.

You will need to take two staples and flatten out one end on both.

Case Smithing: Getting Started with DIY Cable Sleeving

Cable Sleeving: Although not strictly needed, a scalpel can be really useful when sleeving, especially if you make a mistake or are doing heatshrink-free PET sleeving.

Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts Billboard Trophies. Carefully insert the flattened staples into the sides of the connector and then push in until you feel a slight click.

how to sleeve computer cables

This is done for all the cables. Question Computer Automatically restarting. Cable Mod power supply sleeve compatiablity Started by sk8ernut. Cut two pieces of heat-shrink tubing to cover each soon-to-be reconnected wire. The tubing should be large enough in diameter to clear the sleeving.