How to market hospice services

Hospice Management Advisor 2003-02-01.

how to market hospice services

Search for: Too often, marketing strategies are based on seemingly good ideas without the benefit of facts to back up those ideas. The following are a few tools that will list your hospice agency on every local directory site on your behalf. Hospices apply a variety of marketing approaches — everything from cookie jars to television commercials — in illustration of that very point. These Hospices Do It Right. Your marketing plan lacked specific objectives. Coming up with a successful marketing plan requires the input of department leaders, medical staff, nursing staff, administration, board of directors, and other stakeholders.

how to market hospice services

And you must…. Your market demographics will round out the data that need to be collected. Middle-aged couples with elderly parents are a better niche than young families.

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how to market hospice services

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Strategies are developed for the individual business or organization. This strategy must match the traits of your target audience. Getting consents signed I'm trying to avoid being the person asked to get consents signed.

The recommendation that may arise from this observation could focus on streamlining the admissions process and promoting the changes to customers whose referrals lag behind the average.

The success of your hospice may depend on your marketing plan

Partner with local newspapers and TV stations to make the most of your efforts. Holding charities, rallies, and educational workshops are also fantastic methods of reaching a wider audience with your message.

Our hospice news and information has been published monthly since 1979. Today hospice and palliative care professionals recognize that marketing is an integral part of building community awareness, increasing referrals, and increasing census and the use of hospice services. Now more than ever, hospices need to approach the subject of marketing with careful consideration and a comprehensive plan.

how to market hospice services

Also send a letter to doctor's offices, another source of referrals. Filed under Hospice Marketing , Hospice Referrals.

10 Success Skills for Hospice Liaisons/Representatives

The free report is available for immediate download. Avoid ambiguous three-word taglines as is often promoted by other industries. What do they need? To cast the widest net for your hospice marketing brand, a few tools exist to help your organization identify as local and reach the widest breadth of audience possible.