How to make a kawaii clay donut

My name is Miranda Reyes and my passion is and always has been crafting. Don't push too hard as you don't want to leave fingerprints. After I made my swirl mix, I added a few dabs of color into the mixture to give it more variety.

You can use the tool to clean up any rough edges in the center. DO NOT push it in as this defeats the whole purpose of the screw feature and it will probably just fall out later. Reinsert it and it will last a long time! I also added a tiny bit of chalk to the blue to brighten it up.

If your clay is too hard you can add a drop of mineral oil to soften it up.

how to make a kawaii clay donut

I know you're thinking Varathane?! Squeeze 8 drops of Translucent Liquid Sculpey.

Polymer Clay Galaxy Donut Charm

Choose where you want to place your eye pin. After washing you should take some scrap clay and just roll it around to remove the lint trust me you still have lint on your hands even after washing.

how to make a kawaii clay donut

Use a small blade to shave off a little orange and brown chalk pastels and mix the two colors together. Keep in mind it has to be water based and never the oil based.

how to make a kawaii clay donut

I chose to use chalk for the pink because the oil paint didn't really give me the effect I was looking for. Flip the donut over and push the dotting tool in again.

For this step you don't need to fully bake the donut, you just need it to be firm for the "icing". Vintage Sugar Skull Danger is my middle name Reply 2 years ago.

Reply 2 years ago. For more ideas check out my Instagram feed. Don't over swirl your mixture, maybe 3 or four times. Move it slightly to the side and pull it out instead of just picking it straight up and out of the icing. This step is optional but adding a little gloss will really bring out the colors and give a nice sheen to the icing.

Using a toothpick or needle tool swirl the colors together. I Made It!

Easy Kawaii Donut│Polymer Clay Tutorial