How to go to belgium from philippines

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how to go to belgium from philippines

Hope you have made sure that what you have filled is correct and there are no mistakes. This must be done in the country where they were issued ie. Choose a slot depending on your availability.

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A Complete Guide to Belgium Visa Requirements

Click here for information in French, and here for information in Dutch. France Consulate Your travel itinerary: Sign it after taking the print-out. According to Belgium visa requirements, the following documents are required to be submitted especially for a tourist visa application to the embassy:.

The validity of your passport should be at least three months from the date of the last date of your journey. The procedure to take fingerprints is easy, quick and discrete.

how to go to belgium from philippines

You should apply no earlier than three months before your proposed journey. Steps to follow for a Belgium Schengen visa from Manila There are four steps to getting a Belgian visa processed from the Belgian consulate in Manila: Third-country nationals, however, will typically need a work permit to engage in economic activities.

How to apply for a Belgium Schengen visa at the embassy in Manila?

Your email address will not be published. From this stage onwards, the Immigration Office is the only authority to contact, if you wish to know the status of your application. In such a case, your file number will be communicated to you upon the submission of your file to the Immigration Office.

how to go to belgium from philippines

Your travel itinerary: You may need to apply for a visa or permit if you want to visit, live, work or study in Belgium. For all other countries not mentioned on this list, a transit visa is not required if you plan to stay within the international transit area in the airport.

Moving to Belgium: Complete guide to Belgian visas and permits

Back Previous. This is the visa application form that you filled after booking the appointment.

how to go to belgium from philippines

We recommend that you do not purchase travel tickets until your visa has been approved. For more information, see our guide to Belgian citizenship and permanent residence. Skip to main content. January 23, 2019 School holidays in Belgium.