How to get the common denominator

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Finding common denominators

Factors of 8: The answer is 6 , and that is the Least Common Denominator. If you can find a least common denominator, then you can rewrite the problem using equivalent fractions that have like denominators, so they are easy to add or subtract.

how to get the common denominator

This refers to the lowest multiple shared by each original denominator in the equation, or the smallest whole number that can be divided by each denominator. Because it divides evenly in other words, with a quotient that is a whole number , 288 is the smallest number evenly divisible by each of the denominators and is thus defined as the lowest least common denominator in this case.

The Least Common Denominator

It shows how many equal parts the item is divided into. We start by finding what's called a common denominator. Common denominators review. So let's do it that way first. So let's multiply the numerator times 4.

Make a list of several multiples for each denominator in the equation.

how to get the common denominator

But this is their smallest common multiple, their least common multiple. Find the least common denominator. To find the least common denominator using this method, factor each of the denominators into primes. Stop struggling and start learning today with thousands of free resources! As usual, notice that once we've rewritten these fractions in terms of a common denominator, we can add or subtract them with ease.

Least Common Denominators (LCDs)

But first of all, let's just find the least common multiple. Your new problem would look like this: And before we do that, we need to make sure we're up to speed on some key fraction fundamentals.

how to get the common denominator

Note that you do not need to create a list of multiples for 1 since any number multiplied by 1 equals itself; in other words, every number is a multiple of 1. The easiest way to do it is to multiply any two or three of those numbers and see if the product is also a multiple of each of the other numbers.

how to get the common denominator

So this part right over here makes it divisible by 8. Did this article help you? Main content.

Finding common denominators - Fractions - Pre-Algebra - Khan Academy

List the multiples for each number. List the multiples of each denominator. Example 1: