How to draw and color a flower

When freehand drawing, you might find it best to work from the inside-out while keeping the interior detail fairly minimal until you have loosely sketched the entire bloom and stem. Awesome picture! How do you get the right shape on the "Basic Flower" petals?

how to draw and color a flower

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How to Draw a Rose with Colored Pencils

Sketch the petals so they seem to overlap each other, on the first "U". The leaves of tulip are long and not straight so the guide lines for the leaves should be long curved lines.

how to draw and color a flower

Did this summary help you? The graphite will clash with the flower's bright colors and can be really hard to remove from your drawing later. This allows you to adjust proportions if need be. Draw a connecting smaller oval figure at the top of the parallel lines to form the top of the flower.

Learn How to Draw a Rose in Colored Pencil

Your work will have much more internal "life" and a more convincing three-dimensional look. The original will give you ideas for color and shading, the grayscale is good for tone, and adjusting brightness and contrast can help with lighting.

Finish your flower by drawing a stem that extends down from the circle and then adding 2 leaves on each side of the stem.

how to draw and color a flower

With the lightest colored pencil still in your hand, sketch in the smaller, more intricate details. Sketch a rough outline of the rose, and then start drawing the petals.

While shading, aim for a fairly smooth surface. Erase unnecessary lines.

how to draw and color a flower

It might seem like a no-brainer, but it's important to select at least three colors — a light, medium and dark tone. Already answered Not a question Bad question Other. Adding a layer of colorless blender first helps keep the shading smooth on a toothy paper. Many of these shaded areas are going to be darker, but it's best to begin by laying down a fairly even and light layer of color.

You're Just 5 Steps Away From a GORGEOUS Colored Pencil Flower

This is what we are after. Sketching usually helps, though in this case, you could start with the stalk and then draw the small oval flower buds in rows that are attached to a flowering lavender plant. Really get to know that flower!