How to deinstall oracle 12c agent deployment

how to deinstall oracle 12c agent deployment

Reply to Sergii. This argument ensures that only the Management Agent home from agent base directory is removed, but the agent base directory and the rest of the subdirectories are retained.

How to Uninstall the Agent Oracle Home that Registered with Inventory

Here, n refers to a numeral indicating the agent instance. It is removed from the Central Inventory. Deinstall the components in the order described in this procedure. October 2, 2018 at 12 h 02 min.

how to deinstall oracle 12c agent deployment

On the Inventory screen, check whether or not the Oracle homes and other directories you deinstalled appear. The Oracle homes you deinstalled are deregistered from the central inventory.

On the Inventory screen, select the Management Agent, and click Remove. If it is already in the down or unreachable state, then go to the next step. When you run runInstaller -help , you will see the option -nowarningonremovefiles listed. On a cluster, ensure that you deinstall the Management Agents from all the nodes one by one.

How to Manually Remove the Enterprise Manager Grid/Cloud Control Agent

If you encounter an error while deinstalling the Shared Agent, then refer to Troubleshooting Deinstallation Failures. However, some files might still remain in these Oracle homes. In particular, this chapter covers the following: You can invoke the installer even from the directory where you downloaded the software. G S S prasad says: Identify the dependent plug-ins and the sbin home to be detached from the Central Inventory: Do NOT use the installer to undeploy only the plug-ins.

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how to deinstall oracle 12c agent deployment

You must remove it manually after the deinstall, by running the following command: This section describes how you can deinstall Oracle Management Agent in silent mode. January 11, 2016 at 23 h 58 min. In version 12. If you deinstalled on a Microsoft Windows platform, then follow these steps.

how to deinstall oracle 12c agent deployment

If they do, you can manually delete them.