How to create tags for shirts

We screen print our inside tags using a special small format automatic printing press.

how to create tags for shirts

We also apply a size sticker onto each bag so you know what size is inside. Designs of custom t-shirt labels that are smaller than that can be hard to read.

Custom Clothing Labels & Apparel Finishings

I like screen printed t shirt tags because they are comfortable. Or invest time in custom labels that represent your business just the way you want it!

how to create tags for shirts

One of the most overlooked details in t shirts is t shirt tags. Case Studies and Interviews with the Best of the Best. A lot of people go this route so their shirt design matches their tag design. Pin It on Pinterest.

how to create tags for shirts

We recommend using a light grey ink Cool Gray 3C when printing on white shirts to help prevent this. Need an E-Commerce Website?

How to Put Your Brand First with Inside Label Printing

We get a lot of questions about the RN number. For example, if I can order a t-shirt with my print before I will add it to my store? If you want to do embroidery on your chosen product, printed inside labels are not available.

However, you have to take into account that you need to manually update the label for each product variant because you need to show the information for each separate shirt size, color, etc. I even found one brand that uses both a woven and a silk screen tag for the ultimate combination of awesomeness!

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When the product gets printed, all the mandatory info about the shirt will be filled in automatically. Let us fold and bag your shirts for you for a nice professional touch.

how to create tags for shirts

Contact Us. Click on an article below How to advertise and market your clothing line Why you should use a professional printer to print your shirts How not to start a clothing company How to get custom clothing manufactured How many shirts should I order?

how to create tags for shirts

Tag Printable Area: Some of these companies use silk screen tshirt tags , and some of these companies opt for the custom woven tag , which to me comes off a bit more professional. Better yet buy a stamp and hand stamp your design on a hang tag.

Inside Neck Tags

Easily customize, create pages, add products, and you're pretty much ready to accept payments. If having a bit of tag visible is a deal breaker for you, please order a sample shirt before placing your order!! Starting download...