How to cook porterhouse steak inside

How to Cook the Perfect Porterhouse Steak in the Oven (Broiler)

To elaborate I used kosher coarse salt, poured into my hand and rubbed onto the meat and on both sides. I do intend on following these directions again however as the steak on the inside was flavorful and juicy, next time I will try and find the right amount for the perfect steak. Cooked my Porterhouse through a bit more than I would like, but the flavor was amazing.

how to cook porterhouse steak inside

This will give your porterhouse a nice crispy edge. Notes Temperatures for steak Rare: Kind regards Suzie Smith. Add the oil to the skillet, then place the steak in the skillet and do not move it. Comments Thanks for not saucing it up! Save Print.

Fresh Corn and Tomato Salad.

how to cook porterhouse steak inside

Thanks for your reply. Set a timer for 4 minutes. Yours has barely any marbling, was it tough? Have the Best Birthday.

Seared Porterhouse Steak

All the advice here is good — the variations came from the equipment available. Apologies for your experience. Wait until it reaches full temperature often about 20 minutes.

Butter and olive oil have lower smoke points so they smoke more intensely at high temps. Instant Pot Taco Night. This gives you a nicely seared outside with a juicy tender inside. Hi JeanPaul! Drizzle the cut slices with olive oil, some additional salt and pepper.

how to cook porterhouse steak inside

Place the porterhouse in the skillet and sear undisturbed for 2 minutes. This is a good stage to ensure that all distractions in our case a dog with a curious nose are not in the kitchen.