How to change theme in facebook profile

The option to place application and game posts in separate tabs on your news feed is selected automatically on the setup wizard's second screen. Pretty much all you can do is add profile and cover photos, change what appears on your timeline, and tweak the contents of your news feed.

One place I'm guaranteed to see plenty of my favorite hue is on Facebook.

Color & Theme Changer for Facebook ™

You can chose the color for your text, main menu bar, and background using the squares located to the right of the color box I tried a few combinations. How to book an Uber or Lyft with Google Home: Click the wrench icon that Social Fixer adds to the top of the Facebook window and choose Edit Social Fixer Options to view dozens of check boxes, text boxes, and lists for altering the Facebook interface.

Facebook Friends Print Edit Send fan mail to authors. Open the extension. Log into Facebook. Edit Related wikiHows. If you just want to play around with your background image, check out Facebook Background Changer. Help answer questions Learn more.

How to customize your Facebook page for free

There is no shortage of Facebook-manipulating Google Chrome extensions and Firefox add-ons, but these are my favorites right now. According to Facebook's Managing a Page section, Pages can be created only by people who are "the official representative of an organization, business, celebrity or band.

The social network has gone through many redesigns, but its signature color scheme has never changed.

how to change theme in facebook profile

The login fields are found in the upper-right corner of the page. While the company provides only a handful of options for tweaking the look of your Facebook profile, Matt Kruse's free Social Fixer browser add-on formerly named Better Facebook takes Facebook customization to a new level. After downloading and installing it, head over to Facebook. Search for Facebook color scheme add-ons.

The button for the extension will appear on the header bar.

how to change theme in facebook profile

Click More under the main tabs to display the number of posts processed, hidden, filtered, moved to a tab, or reordered. Just click on the image option right next to the Colorizer and upload your picture. Several will appear in your results.

how to change theme in facebook profile

Enter chrome. Related Articles.