How to beat second breakfast mtg top

how to beat second breakfast mtg top

The secret to our success is very simple: February 22, 2019 London.................... Rest in Peace completely nerfs it, and Blind Obedience does a pretty good job as well.

The deck was hard work, I was misplaying and had obviously mis-built it as well. Post a Comment. There are many different ways to utilise infinite mana to win, even without any cards in hand!

how to beat second breakfast mtg top

Having access to Brainstorm effects also means you are not forced into an awkward long delay when you draw the Bloom on turn two and have to wait for it to suspend. Side Bar Ad Box.

how to beat second breakfast mtg top

In the incredibly long lifespan of such a complex and popular game as... It really seems to me like it would be in WotC's best interest to ban the key cards in this deck Second Sunrise and Faith's Reward.

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You are often going off blind hoping to draw another Second Sunrise effect and you wiff if you don't usually into swift death. This being the first attempt at this deck I suspect the deck will be very fragile and auto lose to a few cards with many more being unreasonably awkward to win around but goldfish pretty well. Frantic Search is just a great additional way to dig through your deck cheaply to find the cards you really want.

You also Slaughter Games'ed the wrong target. Tinker is not much worse than the others however and means you have 3 copies in a 40 card deck rather than 4 is a 60 cards one compared to the modern listing. Having one is still fragile but makes you vastly less so than having nothing and is the most marginal of consistency loss so a well worth while trade off.

Prior to going off it is just dead weight and once you are going off you shouldn't need it.


Post Comments Atom. This combo has been around for a very long time, and has become a backdoor win condition for many a control deck which happens to run graveyard hate in its sideboard.

how to beat second breakfast mtg top

It is not the worst card anyway being an answer to things on occasion or even a win condition in bizarre circumstances. This can then be used to cast any number of win conditions out of your hand or, indeed, your deck. That targets the Worldgorger Dragon and the loop begins again.

how to beat second breakfast mtg top

Kiki-Jiki taps to copy Exarch, and the new Exarch enters the battlefield, putting a trigger on the stack. When I finally build this I will post a reply with how it performed and what I would change.