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It is the flat cable running up the back. As a result, I decided to make an external monitor from my dead laptop and proceeded to do the research to find out if this was possible. Carefully pry loose the frame from the LCD screen.

The risk of shock might be minimal. Note that there is a cable attached.

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PAUL, Minn. This is my first Instructable A while back I was sitting around and wondering what to do with my dead laptop. Ok so I have a 4k screen, is it possible to use the thundervolt connection to make this portable in anyway instead of using power.

Step one. Due note to buy one with a power cord! Download Thumbnail 4. Locate and remove the screws holding the LCD panel to the laptop. This was the main cost but was still less than half the cost of buying an external monitor.

Next you will need to remove the LCD screen. I recently had a laptop that featured a 4k OLED screen and If I add the price up of the controller kit and materials depending how you are going to make the stand it would actually in my case be cheaper to make that an external monitor because, quite frankly 4k is pretty expensive and I don't want to degrade to a lower resolution.

Pry it loose gently.

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Business Wire NewsHQ sm. Hermitshell Dust and water resistant Cover silky smooth antistatic with soft velvet lining iMac Monitor and Keyboard. I dremeled the batteries open and wired them into a 3 million candle power flashlight made from spare parts I had. Originally, I built a nice wooden stand for my LCD panel but was not satisfied with it.

How to Convert a Laptop LCD Into an External Monitor.

I needed this in order to attach my stand to the LCD screen. Dave-56601 brianh438 Reply 11 days ago. Find and remove all the screws holding the front plastic frame on the laptop lid. Audible Download Audiobooks. But you will have to buy an LCD controller board and power units with support for multiple screens, and I'm not sure if those things can be found easily.

Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Did you make this project? However unfortunately, by the time you add the cost of the LCD Controller card, various parts and time you could have bought a new inexpensive monitor.

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