How it was future mastered maya

how it was future mastered maya

While I know there are some mixed reviews on this book, I happen to agree that yes there were scenes that had me questioning the heroine's judgement and how realistic the story is BUT I did happen to find the story entertaining, sexy, hot, and suspenseful. I am not reading two or more of these, it's ok, just not ok enough for me to devote more than one book slot to i Right now, for now, this is a DNF for me.

Highly doubt I'll continue with the next in the series. BUT - those are the stories we love.

how it was future mastered maya

And only God knows why I'll read the second book... Not until he had her under his complete and utter control.

I don't I was given a copy of this book by the publisher for an honest review. His enforcers quickly handle the situation but Drake's interest in the girl is piqued to the point he demands she be brought to his inner sanctum office where he stakes his claim in the most carnal of ways.

how it was future mastered maya

The Enforcers 3 books. And since I am a sadomasochit, I will continue reading because I want to know how the bullshit evolves, and ends.

how it was future mastered maya

But what happens when Drake destroys the trust that Evangeline had for him? That ending was enough to put me off this series.

My reaction: Dec 18, 2015 Michelle rated it really liked it Shelves: And also, how dare they not be happy for you and question your questionable and naive decision making.

The Enforcers Series

When she lets people talk or think, it can add up to half a page for one thought or argument, that's just too long - it would be ok if it was important stuff they're saying, but most of that is repetition and unnecassary stuff.

It can't be helped. He's fascinated. There are a lot of ups as and downs between Evangeline and Drake.

how it was future mastered maya

God help me, but I do. In and out of the bedroom. The only thing he requires in return is that she obey him in all things.