Guy who eats crazy stuff on youtube

Matt Stonie won the challenge in 2015 , upsetting Joey Chestnut by eating 62 hot dogs, but Chestnut again regained the crown in 2016 by eating an amazing 70 hot dogs.

guy who eats crazy stuff on youtube

Visit Hard Fork. Since this list is over two years old, some things have changed. Nevertheless, no one in the universe has suffered more pain from the capsaicin fruits as has The Fire Breathing Idiot. The man who will eat anything to end world hunger started at the age of three by eating a pack of cigarettes and being rushed to the hospital.

The Top 10 Most Outrageous YouTube Eating Channels

Where we're going, we don't need email. That's not spiders, is it?

guy who eats crazy stuff on youtube

Three weeks later, Lam's body was discovered naked and drowned in the building's water tower, and her death was labeled an accident. I wasn't going to include this video. Chris Schewe, or Shoenice, has taken a different approach.

guy who eats crazy stuff on youtube

After Elisa Lam had been missing for a week and a half, LA police released this video of her last known appearance. Reported as "found footage" released by Croatian authorities after the two kids in the video disappeared, all signs point to this being a short amateur horror film from Eastern Europe.

We are not worthy.

The Gut-Wrenching Story of Shoenice, the YouTube Star Who Will Eat Anything

Uploaded by chestertyler714 in 2009, Real Demons Caught On Tape , is a special effects showcase of a very high skill level. After watching over a hundred of his videos, I was chomping at the bit to get in contact with him. Bottles of cleaning fluid and painter's caulk usually have their own fair share of fatal warning stickers, which is why I've never been to the ER for an eating-related stunt. He is amazing.

This YouTube channel is nothing but a guy eating everything

Wreckless Eating is the best of the best. The video below with the Beard Man is absolutely a must watch for any You Tube freak. Sometimes this sort of thing could even get a person a job, like when Lights Out was all the rage. Blumgum is hilarious, a genuine wit. You watch and decide... This Nintendo Switch adapter addresses one of our biggest annoyances.

guy who eats crazy stuff on youtube