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However, the possibility of it mutating into a more serious strain led producers and the states to take extreme measures. So for example there could be a 600 bird yard with 1,000 birds in the house making it impossible for all of them to be out at the same time. They aim to codify practices to ensure farm animals have access to adequate space, nutritious food and appropriate medical treatment.

Those claims, meanwhile, aren't verified, since the USDA doesn't visit farms to check them. Also, according to GNPD, 486 cooking sauces were introduced to the market in 2004, which indicates more people are cooking at home and marinating meat, such as poultry.

How—and Why—to Boycott Factory Farmed Chicken

Mintel International Group Ltd. MarketWatch Partner Center. Published Nov. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. The best chicken you can buy is going to be from a local farmer who pastures their chickens and supplements with organic feed. At this point the only real difference between organic chicken and conventional chicken is organic promises no antibiotic use and no GMOs.

Animal Welfare Approved AWA is widely recognized as the gold star label among certification programs: This makes chicken the third-largest organic agriculture commodity, with a market size trailing only that of milk and eggs.

Should the predictions of some industry analysts be borne out regarding the likelihood that poultry sales will become even more concentrated among a few processors than they were in 2004, regional brands will certainly feel the pressure. I met a local woman who raises her own chickens in her backyard which you can see in this pic.

Market Research Study: Organic, Free-range and Pasture Poultry

It also intends to expand its organic chicken line and transition all of its birds to a slower-growing breed that reportedly improves flavor and addresses animal welfare concerns. Step 3: In response, large poultry companies have joined smaller competitors in developing their own organic lines. Consumers Union , the publisher of Consumer Reports, has just issued an updated evaluation of the standards set by the groups.

The slaughtering happens before sexual maturity so males and females can be raised together with out fighting.

According to the Center for Disease Control, hazards include: