Cul8r what does it mean

"CUL8R" Definition, Meaning & Slang

Link to this page. You can follow it up with "l8r," "ttyl" or "ttfn.

cul8r what does it mean

This can be used as a complete sentence, or you can follow it up with exactly what you don't know. Please set a username for yourself. Maybe you will insist on spelling out every word and using correct capitalization and punctuation until the day you die. Can I borrow your lawn mower?

Texting Abbreviations

Conversely, any of the above can also be changed to a sad face. There are tons more, from the obvious to the completely mystifying.

cul8r what does it mean

Maybe you are one of those people who can't stand all these nonsensical texting abbreviations and symbols. That is perfectly acceptable, but at least now you'll be able to decipher what everyone else is saying.

cul8r what does it mean

Texting Slang. We sold your dog while you were in Florida. I'm going to go to the movies with my boyfriend. Most often, it is used when absences will be under five minutes. When you have to leave in a hurry and don't have time for a formal farewell, "g2g" is your go-to stand-alone text abbreviation. Another stand-alone expression, "lol" can be intensified by using capital letters LOL or adding exclamation points.

cul8r what does it mean

Rather than posing an update on Twitter, individual members can send each other private messages directly. Texting and Chat Abbreviations Texting and chat abbreviations have almost created a whole new dialect, and if you can't tell your BRBs from your LOLs, here's a handy reference guide to help you "speak Text" with the best of them: Wanna go 2 the pool after?

Actually, 4 things. Here are a few examples: If you've ever been into an online chat room, used an instant messenger , had a conversation via text message, or talked to a teenager, you are probably at least somewhat familiar with many of the following texting abbreviations.