Ching yan lee chiu chow restaurant

This one was fairly standard in flavor and texture. Since it was a live fish, it was quite expensive.

ching yan lee chiu chow restaurant

These cups look like tiny bowls more than cups and the tea was both fragrant and strong almost bitter despite the lightness of color.

This was a nice way to finish off the rather heavy meal. Newer Post Older Post Home. Post Comments Atom. What 'thick' in this sense means is that you can practically fork the shark fin - so an expensive bowl of soup, but very rich in flavor both in the broth and in the shark fin itself for being cooked in the broth.

Hong Kong has many restaurants that will serve an excellent fish that is better in quality even if the price is the same. Upon being seated, we were given small menus see the picture above along with two small cups of tea for each one of us.

Also, it's complimentary.

ching yan lee chiu chow restaurant

Posted by Sesame Tea at 8: This translated into very good service as we felt they catered to our every need. As you can see, the color shows that it was pan-fried until golden and the oysters were tender inside. Subscribe to: It was not under or overcooked and was served in a simple soy sauce-based sauce.

ching yan lee chiu chow restaurant

I guess this is one way to cleanse the palate for what was to come. I enjoyed the lunch dishes, but would probably skip the fish next time. While most lunch meals are pretty light or medium in heaviness, my uncle decided that this would be a great opportunity to try some more rich food for lunch today.

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Also, if. Like other restaurants in Hong Kong, we also received a small plate of salted peanuts. Today, we visited Ching Yan Lee for lunch. Chinese , Hong Kong. They did a nice job with this oyster pancake. The bowl isn't particularly large, but there is a lot of this delicacy in there. While I have often heard of my parents talking about characteristics of Chiu Chow people, and I have eaten at a few restaurants serving Chiu Chow food, I am definitely not an expert in this cuisine and had no idea what I was about to try.

No comments: It's probably the highest quality shark fin soup that I've ever had.

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It was a weekday, so the place was rather empty and we ended up being the only customers there. Post a Comment. The consistency of the oysters is just cooked and the egg is solid enough to hold its shape, but soft enough to be like an omelette.