Bvc coil burnt taste when vaping

Coupled with the figurative mountain of complaints and issues I have read with others having similar problems, I can only assume I am not the single problem here. Press enter to begin your search. On sub-Ohm coils, start at the lowest of its range it should be written on the coil and over the day you can turn it up to your desired level.

Prevent your coil from burning (and save pounds on the way)

Just asking because I always have a dozen of bad puffs that I don't inhale on a new even well primed coil. I have read other posts on other forums of users experiencing the same issue and will bin the coil and try again.

bvc coil burnt taste when vaping

However, it does not matter the resistance of the coil or the type of e juice, or the batter for that matter!!! Just registered to throw in my two cents.

Common Coil Problems

Categories Recent Discussions Activity Yaga. I just read the announcement post by Tina, "Some suggestions for aspire customers who want to.... I maybe remember having 1 bad coil over this time?

How to clean you coils, wash and reuse sub ohm coils Save your money

Switch to the Atlantis or Triton 2 for larger holes, and more wicking material. Learn More. In order to try not to lose a customer, he replaced my tank and threw in a box of coils...

Nautilus - Burnt Taste even after ordering NEW coils

Electronic Cigarette Co makes no guarantees that these products will stop someone smoking or cure a smoker's addiction to nicotine. Hi guys - I am in the same position.

bvc coil burnt taste when vaping

I've bought a pack of 5 BVC's, checked the code - I'll see how they work. I own both a nautilus mini and a Triton. If your power is too high, your puff is too long, or you chain vape the wicking material will dry out.

Well, I hope the new coils coming end of month will solve your problem.

bvc coil burnt taste when vaping

The authenticity check proved that my product is a genuine Aspire product. Now to be fair, the taste has died down as of recent use, but I can still taste it a lil bit, so maybe it'll work itself out over time, I'm thinking that one was just bad cotton and kinda left the taste lingering.

Not that I'll go back.