Black dog bone relax lyrics the who

I mean when Black Dog Bone first appeared on the music scene in the mid-70s, I thought to myself, "How could anyone have thought of such a name?

Jatt tengah nak high tu, tapi si Hamid pulak tengah sengeh - ish tak sync betui. I have always enjoyed his songs, and his vocal can still give Jatt a run of his money.

black dog bone relax lyrics the who

But beyond the fantastic songs, and fantastic performances - there is no other way to describe them, their rapport with the audience was excellent too.

Superb, fantastic, wonderful - I don't know enough adjectives to describe the show. After the concert, he is enjoying more of the CDs and the songs. Furthermore, she had just returned the day before to Taiping.

Black Dog Bone

In fact, in some way America Got Talent probably lags behind in that respect if at least in years. Funnily enough for me, as an old man, I did not do that to the female singers who, in my younger days - and their younger days too, had kept my eyes wide open, and left me breathless listening to those melancholic songs and looking at their pretty faces. So good that this music fan from the 70s and the 80s - someone who would unashamedly consider himself to be a sucker for everything Sudirman, would consider it one of the best - if not the best concert, he had attended on either side of the two concert halls of Kuala Lumpur.

I wonder what would they sound like 30 years ago.

To me, as someone who live in an era where the Boyan boys from Singapore made it big with their brand of pop music, BDB did not have a singular music or song to define them.

But I didn't do that at Kathy's concert.

black dog bone relax lyrics the who

You want to know how much was BDB's influence in the music scene in the 70s? The last time it happened to me, I wish I had slapped that someone next to me for singing too loud while I wanted to concentrate on listening to Kathy.

Rahman Hariri May 14, 2009 at 8: Jatt nearly fell off stage - or at least he pretended too, if you know what I mean. No, he was not a member of Carefree, but he produced their last two albums, and practically all of BDB.

black dog bone relax lyrics the who

The pic was stolen from Utusan and it was front-paged on Sunday's Mingguan. It was a superb show. Rahim Othman is a very unassuming guy.

black dog bone relax lyrics the who

The moment they stepped into the hall using a moving stage, we were in for the best times of our lives. Their fun songs are really fun - Geram , all their joget songs, Nasik goreng, Anikaragam. I didn't know that they are that good.

If the orchestra is coming in at that point in the original song, it will come in at the same point in the concert. They were part of for 30 years.