Best what s my line episodes season

What young kid would know about Bennett Cerf?

best what s my line episodes season

Everything was done in good spirit, and that good spirit was incarnated by the Master of Ceremony, John Charles Daly, a mild-mannered, respectable figure of entertainment whose task consisted on leading and as Cerf said, misleading the panelists with tortuous answers.

Edit Details Country: Ernie Kovaks can you fold it bit that ran for his time on the show.

best what s my line episodes season

With the skill of an eminent surgeon, the very urbane and personable, Mr. Parents Guide: Was this review helpful?

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The panelists had to guess the candidate's line of work, following the same pattern. Four panelists must determine guests' occupations - and, in the case of famous guests, while blindfolded, their identity - by asking only "yes" or "no" questions.

best what s my line episodes season

He was the youngest conductor at that time. Probably nothing, if it weren't for TV show, when I discovered he was a famous publisher of Random House and a fairly funny guy.

best what s my line episodes season

Arlene Francis was a stylish actress of stage, screen and TV and easily provided the show with its warmth and witty one-liners, not to mention slightly off-color double-entendres. DPReview Digital Photography.

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And "Youtube" did more, while the stars left a legacy, the unknowns who came didn't have a VHS recorder at a time, they just had to watch themselves on TV.

Glamorous, warm, erudite, and fantastically witty, she was such an asset to the show. Next, it's time for each panel member to say a very brief goodbye.

best what s my line episodes season

Leslie Uggams b. After he stumped the panel he presented each of the three panelists who were on the show when he first appeared Arlene Francis , Bennett Cerf and Dorothy Kilgallen buttons with their pictures on them as they looked ten years earlier.

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Additionally, two "seasons" of episodes from 1955 have been released to watch for those subscribed to Amazon Prime, or its video service, courtesy of Buzzr. Game 1: The person who made sunglasses was a contestant on that live episode. Also Known As: