Athenian statesman who instituted direct democracy define

Free Press, 1998. Athens from Cleisthenes to Pericles Charles W. Strassler, R. Only adult male citizens need apply for the privileges and duties of democratic government, and a birth criterion of double descent - from an Athenian mother as well as father - was strictly insisted upon. The Landmark Herodotus. Find out more about page archiving.

However, in the case of Rhodes, its long history of conquests and unfortunate alliances caused a decline in its democracy.

Athenian Democracy

Our Videos. Visit our Shop. Read more. Last modified April 03, 2018. Related subjects: Therefore, women , slaves, and resident foreigners metoikoi were excluded from the political process.

The Democratic Experiment

Share this article:. Become a Member. Hornblower, S. For almost 100 years ostracism fulfilled its function of aborting serious civil unrest or even civil war.


Pnyx hill, Athens. Of the democracies, the oldest, the most stable, the most long-lived, but also the most radical, was Athens. The courts were also essentially political spaces, located symbolically right at the centre of the city.