Andrzej zychowicz stalowa wola zdjecia


And they stayed till late at night! Does it ever happen then that some things are put together smoothly? Actually, at some point ahead of time I try to figure out if something is glazed or not, which is of course the case with things on paper.

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This is the mystery that his paintings reach for. He does it in hardly a conventional way, but then he does not rely on the existing doctrine either. Namely, his humanity was then endangered from two sides: Wybrane obiekto-obrazy z lat 1977—2009 katalog wystawy , 2009.

With the advent of martial law he was overcome by a need to draw.


The colourful strokes that are thrown over them may symbolize drama or the flow of the very source of energy that blows up this ordered compositional structure from inside. The four openwork objects were to be viewed from inside in order for the viewer to enter the impact zone of the painted surfaces. There, nearer the altar, the image gains light and the composition becomes calmer through the use of larger coloured fields. His paintings, his three-dimensional works arrange themselves into series, strings of ideas in which formal transformations are also decipherable as a kind of dramatic plot.

And I take this opportunity to congratulate him on them, in recognition of the beautiful and unique fruit borne by the long years of his persistent work as an artist and pedagogue.

andrzej zychowicz stalowa wola zdjecia

It was in the eighties that such works were made as for example Suffering — Redemption — Here You Are! We like to pick them up from the ground and put them in our pocket. Filtered through memory, the weight had evaporated into the Spanish air, turning into a cloud.

Well, to some extent things are like this: It is clearly discernible that the grid of vertical and horizontal lines is balanced. Janusza Korczaka w Piechcinie. The latter is to him primarily an act of looking for a shape for emotions; the pencil trace is a catharsis: Otrzymuje stanowisko docenta.

andrzej zychowicz stalowa wola zdjecia

Beautiful anew, but also as it was in the olden days, when art was practiced for that purpose as well. Or is it still something else? The context of the cemetery is an actual, real context; it physically took place, and was engendered by a cemetery I saw and experienced in an entirely different way than any other.

Then perhaps it is curiosity, anxiety, an irresistible need to impose frames and conventions to find out to what extent they are helpful and to what extent they entail a limitation of freedom. Teraz tego nie ma. The pictorial presentation of the works, its visuality signals a phenomenon best conveyed by the word virtus: If this is the case, then things are fine and dandy.

A retrospective is not, or at least should not be, just a review of works by a given artist, in this case Adam Brincken, but rather a kind of spectacle where specific works, while retaining their uniqueness and at the same time being arranged so as to remain in harmony with one another, reveal new horizons, open up and enable us to encounter and engage in dialogue with this particular embodiment of Art.

Day II.

andrzej zychowicz stalowa wola zdjecia