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Being aware of the general spatial distribution of the Health Index, one should ponder on possible interpretations of this phenomenon. The impact of other factors: The Kuyavian-Pomeranian, Lubusz, Greater Poland and Pomeranian voivodeships, on the other hand, moved two places up in the ranking.

agnieszka borkowska czestochowa mapa

Of course, more such indicators exist than those included in the synthetic index. Daly and John B. The biggest jump in the ranking was made by the Greater Poland voivodeship, which moved from the sixth to the third position and the most important decline was recorded for the Podlasie voivodeship, which moved from the fifth to the seventh position.

The following figure summarises graphically the information on health status determinants. Large units of territorial division with a high number of inhabitants, local territorial government units. The two indices reflect the level of human resources involved in healthcare provision. At the county level, the following counties have the highest social security expenditures: The difference is slight, but signals the increasing gap between the healthiest and least healthy regions.

Sprawy gminne , [w: Pomeranian, Lublin, Mazovian and Lower Silesian.

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The share of children in pre-school education shows the percentage of children aged 3 to 4 going to kindergarten. The index by which progress in achieving this objective is measured, on the one hand by the growth of GDP per capita, and on the other hand, the increase of social cohesion and the decrease of territorial disparities in social development as well as the magnitude civilizational leap of the society compared to other countries.

Glenn Dynner, Detroit: Inhabitants of the Silesian, Mazovian, Opole and the Lesser Poland voivodeships receive the least in social security benefits.

Herman E. The research reveals a huge variation between regions with regard to their specific characteristics, level of social-economic development and the related barriers and opportunities they provide.

agnieszka borkowska czestochowa mapa

The impact of public policy can be monitored. The LHDI differs from the HDI in the particular sub-indices used and in the different measurements available in public statistics or administrative sources. Key Questions , New York-Oxford 2018, 368 s.


This averaging results in the loss of key data. The research conducted by the UNDP was based on 2010 data from public statistics and administrative sources i.

On this scale, the situation of the USA is more similar to that of Brazil than of Norway for more information visit the website of the World Bank. The Story of the Exhibition , eds. Due to the limited availability of primary data, much of it had to be extrapolated.

Firstly, the indicator is the sum of deaths from cardiovascular disease an average 459 per 100,000 inhabitants by county and cancer 259 per 100,000. This result refers to the social or developmental coherence which is not the direct subject of the analysis, but could become more so as the data available would make it possible.