26 january what happened in benghazi

Hillary Clinton discharged from New York hospital. Elections Politics Photos Movies Cricket.

26 january what happened in benghazi

US security chief Eric Boswell quits. Mrs Clinton, who is stepping down from her post in two weeks, has spent a month recuperating from a series of ailments in December, which delayed her testimony. Media playback is unsupported on your device. John Kerry nominated as next US secretary of state. The State Department's top security officer resigned from his post and three other employees were relieved of their duties.

Clinton to testify on Benghazi attack on Jan 23

Politics Home Parliaments Brexit. The state department saw this was coming," said Representative Ed Royce, a Republican and the chairman of the panel.

Countdown To Elections Results. Earlier, Mrs Clinton's voice cracked with emotion as she described the moment she and President Barack Obama welcomed home the coffins of those killed in the Benghazi attacks.

26 january what happened in benghazi

The attack in Benghazi, the first to kill a US ambassador in the line of duty since 1979, resulted in sharp criticism of the State Department. Ms Rice later said there had been no attempt to mislead the public, but Republicans were unconvinced.

An independent inquiry in December found widespread failures in both security planning and internal management in the department. Mrs Clinton replied with a raised voice: Live TV. The incident became an issue in the presidential campaign, and outrage in Congress led the US ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, to withdraw from the race to succeed Mrs Clinton. Hillary Clinton defends handling of Benghazi attack 23 January 2013.

Mrs Clinton testified in the afternoon before the House foreign affairs committee, where Republican members pressed her on why cables and other memos about security deficiencies in Benghazi seemed to have been ignored.

Security was 'grossly inadequate'.

26 january what happened in benghazi

Celebrity Apprentice Meet the stars being put through their paces... She took responsibility for security failures that led to the 11 September attack but said she had not seen requests for more security beforehand.

26 january what happened in benghazi

In another tense moment, Senator Rand Paul, a Kentucky Republican, said Mrs Clinton's acknowledgement that she had not read the cables from Libya seeking additional security ahead of the attack was "inexcusable". The committee's chairman says he wants to focus on why the attack was not better anticipated and what needs to be changed at the State Department to protect diplomats serving abroad.

Hillary Clinton defends handling of Benghazi attack

After all, al-Qaeda plans attacks over and over again," Royce said in a statement. Next Story. Elsewhere on the BBC.