1844 what happened to the undertaker

And given how much WWE has been pushing Reigns as its new superstar over the past two years, the Undertaker's defeat also indicates the proverbial passing of the torch.

You make us all look weak in comparison.

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The Dead Man rose one last time, and, in a stunning move, took off his gloves, coat, and hat, leaving them in the center of the ring while his ominous theme played and tens of thousands of fans gave one of pro wrestling's greatest performers his due. Brian 'Head' Welch reveals what Jesus told him about his rock star appearance.

Fans are now undecided if this is the Undertaker back from retirement or if he is going back to a long-deserved vacation, taking his hat and coat with him this time. Cena was barely able to bring up anything in response during the less than three minutes that the match took, and after a three count, it was over.

1844 what happened to the undertaker

How churches can maximize 'untapped potential' of women All 6 Democratic presidential candidates vote for infanticide 3 components in my daily time with God Population bust, not population bomb. Other members of the WWE universe were in on the tributes, too, meaning this probably isn't "kayfabe" the wrestling term for the fictional storylines.

The Undertaker retires from WWE after nearly 27 years following Roman Reigns defeat

After all, a paycheck is a paycheck and WWE has plenty of old stars on retainer for appearances and promotions via its Legends contracts. Click Here to find out more.

From the deadman to the American badass and back to the deadman thankyoutaker pic. Undertaker Wrestlemania pic.

Register - Forgot Password. Fans and the whole Cenation were ready when the lights went out and something was off. Recommended United Methodist Church upholds position against homosexuality, same-sex marriage Suicide tips for kids hidden in YouTube cartoon videos, pediatrician warns 'Shocking,' 'inhumane,' 'extreme': There's something of a tradition in the industry of "going out on your back"—losing to help promote the new, up-and-coming talent. Expect to see his face return at some point in some sort of promotional fashion.

1844 what happened to the undertaker

End of an era. Taker began wrestling in 1984 under the name Texas Red.

The Undertaker On if He Ever Considered Leaving Wrestling

ThankYouTaker WrestleMania pic. Other signs were there, too.

1844 what happened to the undertaker

WrestleMania pic. Cena might have left the upstart well enough alone until Elias spouted off some nonsense about the WWE, one that Cena can't just let slide. That happens to be the same place that Undertaker's decades-long undefeated streak came to an end during WrestleMania 30 in 2014 at the hands of current WWE Universal Champion, Brock Lesnar. The Taker was in top form that night and was in the mood to show off all the moves in his arsenal — Old School, leg drop, that signature Chokeslam and to cap it all off, the Tombstone to a pinfall.

1844 what happened to the undertaker

Entertainment Like Follow Follow. Wrestlemania pic. And not a moment too soon. Obviously, there were times where money was...