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Where is the location bar firefox

See the Delete browsing, search and download history on Firefox article for instructions. Was this helpful to you?

where is the location bar firefox

Thank alot. This will open your page in a new tab instead of switching to an existing one.

Awesome Bar - Search your Firefox bookmarks, history and tabs from the address bar

Selecting these results will switch you to the already open tab instead of creating a duplicate. False browser.

where is the location bar firefox

Changing your address bar settings You can turn off the address bar autocomplete feature or restrict the results to exclude your open tabs, bookmarks or browsing history: Home Support Forum Firefox where is the location bar to type in... R ClearType Level: I feel like an idiot, not checking to make sure all toolbars were checkmarked so they'd be visible. How can I control what results the address bar shows me? You should by now be on Firefox 28.

where is the location bar firefox

Version 5. If your question is resolved by this or another answer, please take a minute to let us know. Support Forum.

where is the location bar firefox

Change preferences for search engine suggestions: For example, if you're looking for a page you bookmarked called Mozilla Firefox Support , you might type mozilla. Click the menu button and choose Options.

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Thank you. Question owner Hi John99 I had upgrade to Firefox 28 and it works fine. Make certain that you insert a colon and not a dot between 'about' and 'config'. Just press Enter Return and the term you've entered in the location address bar will become a search based on your default search engine.

I can go for any websites only from the history or bookmarks.

where is the location bar firefox