What will the neighbors say

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Spending quality time together as a family can help your loved ones who are struggling with a substance use disorder. Michael who lived downstairs was a good friend and a wonderful neighbor. I felt his pain, anguish, rejection and shame… and I no longer had the strength or ability to help him fight for his life. Remind them that you love them unconditionally.

what will the neighbors say

Neighbors live near us, next door, on the block, on the corner or down the street. Yes, you can love your child, your spouse, your partner into sobriety.

what will the neighbors say

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what will the neighbors say

Many families have gotten suggestions and recommendations from friends, organizations, websites, books, pastors and peer groups. I know.

We trust our neighbor, build strong bonds and as the Good Book says we… love our neighbor. When my twin brother hit bottom, I spiritually, mentally and… in a manner of speaking…physically went there with him. I had hit my bottom too. So the advice I give is to chose an approach that includes love and kindness.

what will the neighbors say

Miss Jenkins who lived across the hall was definitely my neighbor. This leads to isolation and a sense of feeling alone.

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Reward them when they do something right. Acknowledge their achievements. I believe that when a loved one hits bottom they take the entire family with them. Have our neighbors changed?