What s the word cheats 3123400672

what s the word cheats 3123400672

This number has called my house with many prank phone calls- I want it to stop. Anyway, the information I managed to get out of him is that he wanted to talk about our "strategic processes"; specifically, a lien process created to ensure a "reduction of waste"- When I asked him what kind of waste, he replied, "Waste in the use of resources-" I asked, "Human Resources?

I'm afraid to call them directly.

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The mobile tracker has successfully searched 3123400 series operator and location. I put his number in Fed No Calling list but he continued his stupid behavior when I call back his number answering machine says the box is full to leave a message- He lives at Parkwood Dr E Mobile, Al.

I hate getting unsolicited calls on my cell- That's what my home number is for. Concerned , Just keeps calling and no one there when we answer - called our number times today alone.

what s the word cheats 3123400672

Never heard of them. How about posting up a legal and verifiable business name, street address, city and state Got a web site? Claus Scam- Advertising camper tells you it's so but he has another that junk.

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Stay clear of these psychic people and hang up on the phone call juveniles!! Heck yes I do- Will I respond to these shady callers?

what s the word cheats 3123400672

Asked who he works for and he replied "Flutter Enterprises Australia". The plot of Shakespeare s Romeo and Juliet remains mostly true to Brooke s poem, though Shakespeare exercised artistic license in several instances.

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Text Back Tryne-B. Check them out.

what s the word cheats 3123400672

These kids also have YouTube videos showing how they scam decent folks. I also have another number calling but she sounds like a recording and then after the threat she tells me to have a nice day.

I only use my tablet to run a work software app. When I said let me check you hung up in my face. This number called me today- They claimed to be calling about an error report that I sent microsoft- They claimed all this stuff about my computer having a virus and it running slow blah blah, and they wanted me to sign up for their remote support company- They called it virtual support and it has it's own website and everything,however my virus software told me that it was not a trusted site so I stopped what I was doing,said he was from the states,very sketchy.