What is spanish culture like

what is spanish culture like

Sometimes strangers can detect their sex only by the presence of earrings on girl babies, whose ears are usually pierced in their first weeks of life. Spaniards are covered by a national health care system which today serves virtually the entire population.

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Overarching Church fiestas that engage the whole populace are such official Church holidays as Easter, Christmas, or Corpus Cristi, for a few examples, and the day of Santiago the Apostle Saint James the Greater , the national patron, on 25 July.

Today spouses are absolutely equal under the law. You have only 3 minutes!

what is spanish culture like

The Spanish are generally totally disorganised and the only predictable thing about them is their unpredictability. Spain is a member of the European Economic Community Common Market and has its heaviest trading relationship there, especially with Britain, and with the United States, Japan and the Ibero-American nations with which Spain also has deep historical ties and some trade relationships which date from the period of her New World empire.

The clergy, of course, serve the entire population beginning at parish level.

what is spanish culture like

If you think spaniards are rude, don't come, as easy as that. Population density of Spain 2009.

The Culture, Traditions, and Heritage of Spain

Dude thank you for making this page. Spain has repeatedly seen orderly elections and changes of government and ruling party.

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Even in congested urban areas, most working people travel home to the comida and return to work afterwards. These share a place in Spaniards' consciousness along with the Holy Family, emblems of locality including locally celebrated saints , and a deep sense of participation in a history that has set Spain apart from the rest of Europe.

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The qualities of urban life are sought after; in addition, nonagrarian work, market opportunities, and numerous important services are heavily concentrated in cities. This article has helped me so much in my journey to write my cultural report for my latin cuisine class!

what is spanish culture like

Payne, Stanley G. The Moors brought damascening to Spain. However, like most sensible people they care little for their politicians, whose standing has plummeted to new lows in the last decade following a spate of corruption scandals. Comfortable, even luxurious, modes of travel—not necessarily by one's own automobile—also enhance people's social images.