What is govt mafia

If this undesirable system cannot be changed, Italians will have to change the one thing they can — where they live.

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what is govt mafia

The mafia-dominated corruption that entangles the country is so deeply rooted that it is all but impossible to reform or preferably eliminate. On the one hand, it is easy to state that the mafia and the corrupt economic system it functions within are wrong and unproductive for the country.

what is govt mafia

Such reform could today only come about by eliminating the central government. Italy only managed to attract 1.

The Rise of the Mafia State

How does this pervasive violence affect Italian politics? In short, even if the surgery were a complete success, the patient would likely die. Image source: As was the case during the nineteenth century, these corrupt associations were found in the southern regions of Italy. Organized crime has spread like a form of cancer that has become untreatable and has progressed to the stage where its removal would likely imperil the already shaky economy. Exiting the euro another popular proposal would be rather difficult due to the complexity of the problem, though more to the point, it would be damaging to the country even if successful.

But so far its efforts to get into the drug business have failed.

Jan~6th~2014 Under Assault By The Government Mafia !

Rather, the Italian mafia typically targets local officials. Coupled with a desire to supply goods that were either rationed after the war or taxed heavily such as cigarettes , the mafia was an outgrowth of the desires of consumers coupled with weak governance structures.

what is govt mafia

After the director of a Sicilian national park in 2016 strengthened anti-mafia checks on local firms applying to work in the park, for example, he narrowly survived a nighttime assassination attempt. Italy is nowhere near fulfilling either of these criteria though, in its defense, few European countries are.

what is govt mafia

Young Italians, especially skilled and ambitious Italians, have been leaving their beloved country in droves, a trend magnified since the recession began.

Italians know this, because these stories play out regularly in local newspapers. The reverse also holds true. Christiana Herringham: The Stability and Growth Pact that should keep government finances better balanced does create pressures on the Italian government to conform.

what is govt mafia

There have always been countries whose leaders have behaved criminally. The fact of the matter is that Italy needs the help of Europe.