What is bmw select program

Nicname Major 129 Rep 1,289 Posts Drives: Apr 2011 Location: Service Phone: Then at that point you must decide refi or sell. Appreciate 1 MdMcoupe 35.

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They asked me if I wanted to finance when I picked up my X3, and I asked the rate and they said 4. Originally Posted by Msmall143 Quote: Find More Posts by Nicname. I plan on putting 20k down and have been debating the Select program.

what is bmw select program

How does this work exactly? East Coast iTrader: Point is plan on having cash available to deal with those circumstances. I usually keep my cars for a long time E30 M3 I had for 13 years before I sold it, and my 2000 Mcoupe i bought in 04 and still have it.

what is bmw select program

I hope my scenario not very well written, i know made some sense to you guys. Originally Posted by MdMcoupe Thanks for all the discussion, this has really helped explain the "Select Program" I'm still unsure how I want to proceed. Originally Posted by M Heart.

what is bmw select program

For instance.. Further, you can approach the transaction with the power of a cash buyer, giving you more leverage in negotiations.

BMW Select (PCP).

BMW Financial Services has a very convenient online platform that can help you find a vehicle easily. At the end of the contract, you can refinance the remaining amount or pay it off.

what is bmw select program

Message 1 of 16. All times are GMT -5. Appreciate 1 Westsider45 11. Find More Posts by gerem. I would rather put 20k down on a normal finance loan and at the end have my equity, whatever that may be.

BMW Financial Services In-Depth Review

People have different preferences... I bought mine and got a 2.

what is bmw select program

When the lease ends, you can turn the vehicle in and walk away, lease it again, trade it in for another BMW, or buy it at a set agreement price. Simply type in your zip code, and you will get a list of dealerships near you.