What is a raghorn bull elk

Here are some aspects of elk antlers to consider:. Skip to main content.

5×4 Rag Horn Bull Elk Recovered on #elktour Congrats Mike #elkhunting

There is an important disclaimer, though. If it's long and massive, it's almost a certainty that he's a mature bull.

what is a raghorn bull elk

How do you know if you're looking at a big raghorn or a mature 6-point? Don't believe it?

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Reply to Tax return shopping list. Follow us email facebook twitter Google Plus youTube instagram snapchat rss. Probably not, but if you familiarize yourself with these pieces of a rack, you can have a fair idea of the trophy potential of the bull before you release an arrow or a bullet. MASS Just as with whitetails, mass contributes mightily to the overall score, but it is the most difficult aspect of a rack to assess in a snap. A spike elk is a trophy, a raghorn is a trophy, a mature bull is a trophy.

Three Keys to Field Judging an Elk

WA Mtnhunter. Reply to Latest Taxidermy project. You look at the length of his tines. They are seldom even remotely symetrical. Right Rail 3.

what is a raghorn bull elk

An elk is a trophy if it doesn't have a ear tag farmed. I was pretty much inline with Big O on my initial reply...

what is a raghorn bull elk

Better do my taxes and see if I get anything back LOL. You are so correct.