What is a nerf herder star wars

Please upgrade your browser to experience the site. He acted like an uncouth nerf herder towards Princess Leia repeatedly.

what is a nerf herder star wars

A lower class outdoorsman who spends his days safeguarding the nerfs on various planets across the universe. You're a fat, slovenly Nerf Herder! PBW 16.

A nerfherder was someone who herded nerfs on various planets throughout the galaxy. Then, when she follows him he has the nerve to tell her she could use a good kiss. They generally wear old, worn out work clothes and carry simple projectile weapons as well as staves they use to drive obstinate nerfs out of their hiding places.

She could have fed him to the dianoga.

Nerf Herder unknown. Here, he was immature and jealous. You could use a good kiss! You're nothing but a scruffy-looking nerfherder. He recovers quickly and apologizes, but this one was worthy of an exasperated sigh. Han Solo. Nash Grier 15. And what does Han do?

what is a nerf herder star wars

As it was solely an occupation for lower-class beings, the term "nerfherder" became an insult used throughout the galaxy. Jean calls herself an administrative assistant , but she's more like nerfherder.

Respeck 26.

what is a nerf herder star wars

The nerf herder corralled the nerfs into the shelter. Amy Ratcliffe is a writer obsessed with all things Star Wars , Disney, and coffee. The Nice 27.

5 Times Han Solo Was a Nerf Herder

Log In. Is that who you could tell? With that hurdle out of the way, Leia took charge and got all of them out of stormtrooper fire and immediate danger. Han and Leia: Who you calling scruffy-looking? Show Disney.