What does store bought woman mean

what does store bought woman mean

Answers Relevance. Log in No account? Cracklin Rosie Lyrics. In this case, reading the rest of the lyrics, I think it simply means high-quality, without the association of heartless.

Cracklin' Rosie you're a store-bought woman

Does it mean she's a crumbling mannequin? Posted by: Why am I thinking of this song now? It was a kind of phrase used in the 50's. The story doesn't have to conform to perfect logic, since the narrator is probably already half-drunk within the context of the lyrics.

I give up. March 2nd, 2010 04: Do you guys think the Oscars and Grammy are relevant? Report Abuse.

What is a store-bought woman?

I heard the grown ups calling a girl we know a store bought woman. View Full Version: Cracklin Rosie Song. High maintenance?

what does store bought woman mean

I mean, what kind of idiot expects a chair to hear, after all? A Solitary Star".

what does store bought woman mean

Wikipedia says that it's about drinking wine: Ah, yes, the song the opened with the lyrics "Where it began, I can't begin to knowing".